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Port-au-Prince Post-Event West - GeoEye
Port-au-Prince Post-Event East - GeoEye
USGS ShakeMap
Liquefaction Assessment as of 2010-05-24
Liquefaction Grid Assessment Progress as of 2010-06-28
Detailed Damage Assessment as of 2010-02-23

CNIGS 200m Grid version 1

NOTE: Certain imagery from this event is no longer available online (Google 15cm Post-Event Imagery, WB-IC-RIT Post-Event Imagery). This imagery may be made available again at some point in the future.

To view available photos and video, click on the "Field Data" tab.

On behalf of the World Bank, the GFDRR, ImageCat and RIT, we would like to acknowledge and thank those individuals who volunteered their time and expertise to help with this Haiti Earthquake Damage Assessment. Thank you for being a part of the GEO-CAN Community.

Earthquake Epicenter